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mixed media
about me

I've been an artist my whole life. Seriously.  I have highly detailed potato people drawings circa 1989 to prove it. Though my subject matter and execution has improved drastically over the years, the attention to detail never really went away.  That, coupled with a near obsession with colour has become a bit of a trademark for me, i guess.


Adventurous in all things, I am forever experimenting with new mediums, subjects and styles.  From sculpting to painting to line drawing, and from political works through to surrealism, the opportunity to express freely is my only caveat.


I'm trained in storyboarding, sequential art for comics, and have worked as an apprentice to a mural artist with 30+ years of experience.  However, life, the great artists who have come before me, and my own passion to explore are my true teachers. As Lauryn Hill once said: "Anything that isn't growing is dead."  May I always be lucky enough to live and grow through my art.   


Danielle Furlotte                  


If you'd like to discuss a commission, or enquire about purchasing one of my original pieces, feel free to reach me at:


e-mail: daniellefurlotte@soulonapage.com

Phone: 647-221-1570 

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